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Gemini Enterprises Africa is an impactful Hub focused on uplifting the entrepreneurial ecosystem pillaring on our vision and our prominent partnership network to foster bright youth and women towards financial sustainability through our unique flagship programs …. Stay Tuned!
#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow
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About the event

#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

WHat is #GEMINIUplift?

Can’t foster sustainable cash flow? Operations running slow? We’re all in this together. The Coronavirus has affected the entire business community as we all go through these turbulent times.
In our usual aspiration to positively impact and boost up the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are proudly launching Gemini Uplift, an initiative aiming to support startups & small companies through the pandemic. 

Proudly with our 55+ partners, we will tackle the most pressing on-ground operational issues and support you to unfold the right business opportunities through 3 tracks, what we call #Gemini3Ms: Money, Matchmaking & Mentorship.


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Gemini Uplift

#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

CEO Note

During these turbulent times across the world, we, at Gemini Africa, realize the cruciality of our responsibility to #ActNow in order to combat the most pressing business pains that our fellow entrepreneurs and startups are facing.

Pillaring on our position and in response to the current situation, I proudly announce the launch of the Gemini Uplift Initiative #GeminiUplift.

Our initiative’s cutting edge is that we will stay focused on helping you maintain operational continuity & financial sustainability through 3 tracks #Gemini3Ms: Money -Matchmaking – Mentorship while aiming to advance prosperity and well-being by supporting implementation of the most relevant UN SDGs.

We are partnering with top stakeholders in the ecosystem in order to create a ripple effect that will Uplift our entrepreneurs and help them stand as winners during & in the post COVID era…

#GeminiUplift is not just reaching out to Egypt, but to Africa and across the Mediterranean countries as well.

My gratitude and sincere thanks to all the partners that generously offer their utmost contribution. Together we can do it!

Adly Thoma

Executive Chairman & CEO

Gemini Enterprise Africa

May, 2020

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Gemini Uplift

#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

What are the 3 Ms?

First Track: SDG #17
Second Track: SDG #9
Third Track: SDG #8
Event Schedule


#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

You can participate if You are:


#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

WHy Participate?

Exposure, Opportunities, and Network expansion are some of the few reasons you should participate!

#GeminiUplift #Gemini3Ms #ActNow

Good Luck to our Applicants

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